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Posted by Wildcats Youth Wrestling on Feb 20 2023 at 10:19AM PST in WSWL 2022-23 Season

Early registration
Ends tonight 2/20/2023 at 9pm.
If your child was not part of the registered wrestlers last night 2/19 you will need to register through track wrestling

  • Wrestlers are not allowed to Double bracket in their respective division.
  • Wrestlers are not allowed wrestle in 2 age groups
  • Wrestlers can wrestle in Rookie if they are a first year first season wrestler, Girls bracket and in State, if they qualify. 
    – It’s a separate registration for each.
  • Wrestlers cannot wrestle up an age group, with one exception. 
    – If a wrestler is too heavy for the Heavy Weight division at their age group.
    – The parent can email and request to move up an age group due to their wrestler being too heavy for the heaviest limit in the Age group

All 12 satellite locations are listed on the site under events -> State -> right hand side tabs "Weigh ins/Medical" for those Satellite locations. Link

  • ALL wrestlers in ALL divisions are allowed to weigh In Friday 2/24/2023
  • Rookies, Girls, and 15u – Can weigh in Saturday 2/25/2023 at the Coliseum from 5pm-5:30pm
  • Wrestlers must weigh in with their competition uniform onCommonly their Singlet_. 
    - For Rookies, that sometimes means a t-shirt and shorts. _Jeans or Sweatpants or Underwear are not considered as “Competition Uniforms”

There are NO weight allowances (Scratch weight). 

  • If a wrestler is wrestling in the 64lb weight class, they must weigh 64.0 or less when weighing in. 
  • If a wrestler is over, they are simply moved up to the next weight class, and no charge or penalty. 
  • If a wrestler wants to wrestle at a weight class higher than they weighed in at, they must declare that when weighing in. 
    No more than 1 weight class higher than they weighed in at if they choose to go up.
  • All wrestlers weighing in must be preregistered prior to the registration deadline.  There are no onsite registrations being accepted.
  • There are NO weigh-ins on Friday at the Denver Coliseum.  


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