Important Event Information

Posted by Wildcats Youth Wrestling on Nov 13 2023 at 10:46PM PST

1. Parent Action Required prior to Thursday

  1. Create a profile in Track Wrestling for your wrestler by following the steps below
  2. Go to Trackwrestling
  3. Click ‘Manage’
  4. Click ‘profiles’
  5. Click ‘create a profile’
  6. Create an ‘Athlete Profile’
  7. Where it says team affiliation in the athlete profile fill in “Arvada West Youth Wrestling”
  8. Fill out rest of the necessary information

2. Tournament Details

  • Linked here is the flier for the tournament with all the details
  • Weigh-ins for the tournament will be after practice on Thursday’s
  • Please bring cash or be ready to Venmo (@AWcatswrestling) $20 after Thursdays practice
  • We will take care of registering all of the kids
    Unfortunately, there are no refunds if something comes up and you cannot make the tournament.

3. Day of Tournament

  • Plan to arrive 1 hour prior to the session start time (8am or 12pm)
  • We will sit as a team together in one part of stands (You can look for the Purple “AW” attire – Coach’s will have 3/4 zips or polos)
    If you would like to join the sea of purple and support the club check out our apparel store at Squadlocker
    Team Name “Wildcats Youth Wrestling”
  • We will warm-up as a team on a mat starting at 8:15am for the morning session at 12:15pm for the afternoon session

4. Coaching

  • We will ensure every wrestler has an A-West coach in their corner
    If any parents want to be in their children’s corner you are more than welcome you just need your USA Wrestling Coaching card

5. Prepping for the Match

  • Parents are responsible for getting their wrestler to the mat 3 bouts prior to their wrestlers match to warm up
  • See our Parent Information & FAQ section on the Team Webpage for further guidance

6. Tournament Requirements

  • All wrestlers have to wear headgear, wrestling shoes, and a singlet for their matches
    Preferred if they use the gear provided to best represent the club
  • Any wrestler with braces needs to wear a mouthpiece

Thank you all for all your support.
We are so excited to see how our kids stack up against the rest of the WSWL.
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to talk to a coach or email @